Engine Cycle 4-stroke twin cylinder
Engine Type Brand VOGE KE500
Cooling down Liquid
Displacement 494cc
Power Max 35 kW (47,6 CV) / 8500 rpm
Distribution Double overhead camshaft (DOHC) – 4 valves
Transmission 6 gears


Number of cylinders 2 vertical DOHC
Bore x stroke 68 x 44.3
Refrigeration Liquid
Displacement (cc) 321,8
Feeding Electronic injection
Distribution Camshaft in cylinder head, 8 valves
Compression ratio 11,2:1
Power Max (CV/rpm) 40,7/8500
Maximum torque (Nxm/rpm) 31/9000


Engine type: Single-cylinder, four-stroke, water-cooled, Bosch EFI
Cylinder capacity: 292 cc
Compression: 11:1
Max power: 29 HP(21kw)/ 8500 rpm
Max torque: 25 Nm / 7000 rpm
Starting system: Electric
Transmission: 6 gears
Final transmission: Chain
Dimensions: 2025×830×1135
Tank capacity: 15 L


Type Single-cylinder four-stroke, liquid-cooled, double overhead cam DOHC, four valves
Bore x stroke 78×61.2mm
Feeding Bosch electronic injection
Displacement 292cc
Compression ratio 11:1
Maximum power 28.5 hp at 8,500 rpm
Maximum torque 23.5Nm at 6,500rpm
CO2 emissions 75g/km
Clutch Multi-disc in oil bath
Change 6 speed



The Q250 is a small volume street car with a retro style under the Voge Motorcycle. In terms of appearance design, the car has a simple shape, rigid body lines and an obvious three-dimensional effect. In terms of details, the Q250 is equipped with circular headlights, rear-view mirrors and short tail styling elements that accentuate the retro style.

It has three options as body color. These are Silver Moon White, Dark Midnight Black and Electro-optical Blue. The seat height of the Q250 is 750mm, the handlebars and pedals are made of aluminum alloy forgings. The curb weight is 139 kg and the wheelbase is 1350 mm. Small size and ideal for novice riders.